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About Us

Freshening Holdings (S) Pte Ltd is the parent company which expands its wet towel products through business ventures in Singapore and beyond. As the Freshening Global Headquarters,  it manages  and provides expertise support to its global fleet of Freshening business partnerships. Freshening holdings is the brand owner for all its established brands designed for various segment of the market. It is also responsible for the selection and appointment of partners and distributors.


Today Freshening has established its presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China via the holding company- Freshening holdings. Freshening  towels and products can now be experienced in more than 37 countries worldwide. Thru our clearly defined brands designed for the various segment, we welcome you to join us to FRESHENING the WORLD.


Freshening Singapore (HQ)


Freshening Industries Pte. Ltd. serves as the group manufacturing hub and is the centre for product research and development of Freshening Wet Towels. It also ensures that all products under the Freshening flagship adhere to stringent international standards.

From the modest beginnings in a little shop lot in Eunos, Freshening Singapore expanded and relocated to Kallang . Further rapid expansion warranted a third relocation to bigger premises, currently at Loyang. The distribution of Freshening food services products and Freshening hygiene products in Singapore has gained astounding footholds in more than  3,000 food services, healthcare and hospitality facilities, all through its own direct distribution network. The retail brand had also established its strong hold in Singapore.

Freshening Malaysia


Three years of impressive sales propelled and shaped this Freshening Sales Office in 2006 into Freshening Industries (M) Sdn Bhd in 2009.

Freshening Malaysia manages and develops concept store together with Malaysia's leading horeca & hygiene products wholesaler, OB Tech Corporation. Also houses Freshening Branding Centre (FBC) which reports to its Global Headquarters in Singapore.

With its own accomplished, talented team - brand designer & product developer - the FOCstore team is tasked to deliver house brand products that is developed and customized specially for the South East Asia region, with impactful
creative concepts in packaging design, brand and product positioning, lending its invaluable marketing know-how to extend Freshening's business frontiers.

Freshening Indonesia


Freshening Indonesia operates under the name of PT Freshening Indonesia. Likewise, it began as a sales office of Freshening Smartowels but sales surpassed expectations within the year to enable the company to run its own production facility.

On the heels of its resounding success, Freshening Indonesia ventured into Food Services Product Distribution in 2012.  As the present Smartowel clientele is also the potential users of Freshening Food Services Products, this market will grow further through the expansion of Smartowel network.

Freshening Hong Kong


Started in early 2006, Freshening Hong Kong continues to perform as Freshening Singapore's main marketing arm in Hong Kong and Macau. Here, Freshening HK's vast pool of reputable clients include the United Italian Group, Tao Heung Group, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon Airlines  . It also includes most of the casinos in Macau through the collaboration with a local partner.

Concurrent aggressive marketing and promotional activities promote ZAPPY products in the Hong Kong retail market, where our Made in Singapore wipes have received tremendous response from the local and China mainland consumers. It is an on-going Freshening challenge in meeting the expectations of these discerning customers who are on the constant look out for trusted brands of high quality imported products


Wet Nap Europe. Belgium

The Freshening partnership with Wet Nap Europe Bvba began in 2002 when Freshening exported its wet towel to the European continent. The partnership has since grown into a co-branding partnership, with the sharing of creative and branding resources, product research & development, bulk purchases, mass distribution, agency rights, advertising promotion and logistics coordination.


Freshening products have since expanded into over 13 countries within the European continent including Belgium, Austria, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia and Luxemburg.

Freshening Shenzhen

星洲清星纸业 (深圳) 有限公司准备延伸新加坡总部二十三年的专业精神, 我们务必为客户寻求最佳价值,并认真对待和遵守中国和新加坡消费者法律, 还有对产品安全,卫生和质量的要求。

Freshening Paper Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is ready to extend the professionalism of Singapore headquarters for the last 23 years, We always seeking the best value proposition for customers  and we take our compliance with the product safety, hygiene and quality requirements of the China and Singapore Consumer Law seriously.