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Trusted and used by hospitals in Singapore
HospiCare 320R Skin Protectant Incontinence Wipes protect and soothe even the most delicate, irritated skin from the harsh effects of incontinence moisture, such as bedsores and dermatitis. Each pre-moistened, ultra-soft cloth gently cleans and coats skin with 3% dimethicone barrier cream to seal out wetness. This easy, one-step application replaces other wipes, lotions, creams, and deodorizers. It can be conveniently located at bedside for quick clean-ups or for incontinent care. These soft cloths are pre-moistened with a rinse-free, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced formulation. It is especially added with Persimmon extract and ethylhexylglycerin to eliminate odours associated with incontinence.
Product Application :
Where to use :
Hospital and nursing homes especially bedridden patients
Method of Application :
Gently wipe towel on the area that needs protecting from bedsores or dermatitis
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