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HospiCareTM Wash Gloves 10R are disposable wash gloves with a pleasant and refreshing fragrance suitable for daily cleansing of the body to help you stay cool, clean, comfortable and refreshed. It provides the gentleness of a towel combined with the convenience of a glove for dry bathing. It is also effective against odour causing bacteria and can be used for daily body, foot and underarm cleaning. It comes in a resealable pack for convenience and ease of use anytime, anywhere.
Product Performance :
HospiCareTM Wash Gloves 10R are made of strong, thick and soft embossed material that is gentle to the skin. It contains Aloe Vera leaf juice that helps condition and moisturize the skin.  The use of this towel can eliminate the use of harsh soaps, rough washcloths and towel drying. It is regulated to pH 5.5 which is similar to the pH balance of the skin, hypoallergenic and alcohol–free making it suitable for all skin types.
Where to use :
  • for dry bathing in hospital and home use

  • for spa and massage purposes

  • adult nursing

  • for daily body cleaning

Method of Application :
Gently wipe the glove on areas of the body that needs cleaning.
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