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Frequently Asked Questions



How can we tell Zappy baby wipes are using 100% natural ingredients ?


Our Zappy baby wipes contain only PLANT-BASED and ORGANIC ingredients. Natural ingredients contains the most effective ingredients to CLEAN and MOISTURIZE the delicate baby’s skin without harmful chemicals.


Why do we claim Zappy baby wipes are 100% Paraben-free ?


Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives. That's why they are found in so many products. Nearly all of the parabens used as preservatives are synthetic and not naturally occurring. Zappy baby wipes are produced with no paraben as we know baby’s skin are delicate and should not use such preservatives as it is harmful on skin.


What makes Zappy baby wipes a better choice for your little ones ?


Our Zappy baby wipes are 100% alcohol & soap free with no synthetic fragrance added. We know that many of these chemicals are harmful in the long run and highly irritate baby's delicate skin. Using NATURAL INGREDIENTS will respond best on our skin than the synthetic ones.


Is it safe to use Zappy baby wipes on

sensitive skin ?


Yes. Zappy baby wipes are hypoallergenic and safe to use on all skin types therefore, it should not cause any irritations.


What other important essential properties found in Zappy baby wipes ?


Zappy baby wipes are enriched with organic chamomile flower extract and organic aloe vera leaf juice extract because these organic extracts nourish and sooth baby’s sensitive skin. It also protects baby's skin against allergies and rashes.


Are there any other ingredients that are beneficial to our babies ?


Zappy baby wipes are enhanced with sodium lactate, which is one of the ‘natural moisturizing factor‘ constituents of the skin. lt will keep baby's skin supple and hydrated.


Can adults use Zappy baby wipes ?


Yes. Zappy baby wipes can be used by everyone, because of the plant-derived ingredients and skin conditioners used. It is formulated for all skin types as it is safe, non-toxic and 100% free from harmful chemicals.